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To get an immediate head-turning response from me, all you gotta do is say “Made in India”. It gives me great pleasure to know of the many brands that have flourished beautifully all over the world whilst keeping their roots proudly Indian. Bon Organics is a brand aimed at providing the absolute best in natural, organic and herbal products and boy, are they doing a great job!

Today I’m reviewing their Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner – one of the first products I tried from the brand.

Starting with their packaging: plain, plastic, simple. No fancy claims. With a pleasant floral scent that lingers all day, both the shampoo and conditioner contains tea tree, aloe vera, vitamin E as actives – all very good for maintaining optimum hair health. There’s also a bunch of other amazing ingredients such as coconut milk, olive oil, avocado and cocoa butter. Their total ingredient list is barely 3-4 lines! Both claim to be free of animal ingredients (yay!), contain no harsh chemicals, and are sulfate and alcohol free.

Bon Organics – Herbal Shampoo Bon Organics – Herbal Conditioner

For a natural product, I was actually surprised at how well the Herbal Shampoo | INR 315 lathers. Usually, from whatever else I’ve tried, herbal or natural products do not lather as much as drugstore ones. However, with the heavy chemical ingredients and silicones in them, we find that usually the hair is instantly softer, more manageable etc etc etc. So with this one, I was kinda disappointed that my hair didn’t feel very nice after I used this for the first time. The Herbal Conditioner | INR 427 is a clear liquid, and feels more silicone-y/oily in texture. I barely take about 5-10 ml and spread it on my hair strands and massage it in (it says so on the back of the bottle!). So when I apply this, again there is no visible difference but somehow it makes my hair soft. Not super soft as a L’Oreal one would, but decently soft. If I use just the shampoo, my hair is drier and rough to the touch, and with conditioner it manages more easily so there’s that.

The first thing I notice when using these is that my hair is more voluminous than usual. I have fine hair that’s brittle and dry (thanks, no thanks endo!) so even a little volume matters a LOT. It feels clean, and has a shine to it. It is still a bit dry to the touch, even after using the conditioner, but there is no major downside to the whole routine.

Here I am using a couple of products that clean my hair, and make it smell good. And that is exactly what my hair needs anyway. So why should I continue putting chemicals and other nasty stuff on my hair when it is completely unnecessary and easily avoidable?

I feel at ease in using something that is natural, vegan and has safe organic ingredients that harm nobody. Not my hair, not my self, not anybody else on Earth. I have tried countless different brands all my life and I honestly don’t see anything different than what these two products claim. But with the amount of unnecessary chemicals in them, causing product build-up and what-not that would eventually do more damage than good, I think I’ll pass and stick with natural alternatives like Bon Organics for a long time to come.

To sum up, both the shampoo and conditioner are suitable for all hair types, even those with sensitive conditions like eczema, psoriasis etc. My niece (who is allergic) uses this and it has been a boon for her so I can personally vouch for its gentleness. As with all natural products, it takes time to see favorable results because your skin and hair need to cleanse itself of all harmful build-up and then respond and adjust to the natural actives. So is the case with these. I felt a good deal of difference after about 4-6 washes. It was not instant or dramatic but I really love how my hair feels now.

What is your favorite hair product? I’d love to know…


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