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India, Nail Polish, Nails, Nykaa, Review / Saturday, November 7th, 2015
When Nykaa announced that it was launching it own nail polish collection, I was like – so what? No big deal. It was only until I saw a shade which was pretty much perfect for Fall/Autumn that I even bothered to look at the new launch. And then happened a few more pretty colors making up my entire order in no time. So let’s talk Nykaa Nails today!

Basic info: Nykaa has 3 different ranges in its nail polish collection namely Pastel, Pop and Shimmer. 

I picked up 4 shades from its pastel range and now we’ll admire their beauty in the picture below!

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection (L-R): Rose Sherbet, Marsala Chai, Lychee Delight, Cotton Candy

Coming to the shades itself, first up we have “Lychee Delight” which is a cool, winter-ish ‘more-white-than-grey‘ grey. Although it wouldn’t be my “everyday, anyday” pick, it is definitely a color I like. Then we have a bright barbie pink or lets call it by its actual name “Cotton Candy” pink. Very pretty, very cool-toned and very spring-y. And finally comes my favorite pick of the lot – a warm mid-tone pink with visible brown/burgundy undertones. Rose Sherbet is gorgeous and a must-buy. Rounding up the collection with the first shade I laid my eyes upon – Marsala Chai. It is a perfect wine-brown. It looks elegant against a black outfit! What do I say? It screams Autumn for me. I had to get it.

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection: Lychee Delight (left), Cotton Candy (right)

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection: Rose Sherbet (left), Marsala Chai (right)

Speaking of how they actually are in their goods and bads. They are 5-free, have a gel like consistency (me likes!) and thick texture. Except for Lychee Delight, which streaked a bit, all others gave an even and opaque color in one coat. But out of habit, I have two coats on in all the swatches! Nykaa also says that its not tested on animals (great!) and is not having any animal-derived ingredients. None of the colors gave me any staining afterwards either. 

Basically, I have nothing bad to say about these pretties. The color collection is versatile, and everyone will have a shade they’d love. I cannot vouch for the other shades that I didn’t buy (yet!) as they may streak a tiny bit like Lychee Delight. They are definitely pricey (INR 150) than Maybelline’s Colorama range but I see a lot of colors in the range that are unique so definitely give them a browse. Marsala Chai & Rose Sherbet are highly recommended.

Available at www.nykaa.com.

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