Saante | Balancing Orange Face Pack

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Saante Balancing Orange Face Scrub
Saante Balancing Orange Face Pack

I’m a sucker for all organic, natural and herbal products so when I received this 100% natural scrub/pack in MSM Box, that too a full size, needless to say I was very happy. When it comes to skincare, face masks of all kinds are my favorite therapy as they are an instant pick-me-up!

Saante is a brand I had never even heard of so I was a tiny bit skeptical when I first saw the product, but after a little research I was convinced by its cruelty free, organic and holistic approach towards skincare and general well-being. Coming to the product itself, on its lid it says it is a “Balancing Orange Face Scrub“, whereas on the container it says “Balancing Orange Face Pack“. So is it a scrub or a face pack? Let’s find out!

The product comes in a 100 gms plastic container. Normal, simple packaging – nothing fancy. As soon as you open the lid, there is a strong herbal and bitter smell (that is the bitter orange peel powder btw). The face pack is in powdered form and it is to be mixed with your choice of ingredient to make a paste; be it yogurt, milk, rose water, any floral water etc. It has finely powdered extracts of Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti), Oat powder, mint leaves, sandalwood powder and orange peel powder. Nothing else. And all these ingredients are very good for maintaining optimal skin elasticity. I usually use orange peel, multani mitti and sandalwood for my DIY masks at home. I had never tried oats or mint leaves before. 

Saante Balancing Orange Face Pack

When I make this face pack, I use it either with yogurt or milk as face packs tend to make my skin a bit dry immediately after I wash off. Instead if I use anything mixed with milk/yogurt, my skin is supple and soft due to its natural lactic acid compounds. 

This paste then has to be used as a face pack, and then once it is dry you reapply a bit more milk or rose water on top of the dried pack to make the face wet again and mildly scrub off the pack. So you see, this is a scrub cum pack that deeply cleans from within as well as removes the external dead skin layer. This technique works great. My skin really brightens up after every use, and with the milk/yogurt I do not require any moisturizer afterwards. Skin feels very soft and healthy to the touch. When I make my own face packs at home, I do it exactly the way Saante has. No extra artificial stuff, only pure goodness. So Balancing Orange Face pack/scrub (INR 450) gets two big thumbs up from me. 

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