The Body Shop | White Musk Libertine

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The Body Shop – White Musk Libertine

White Musk is one of those scents that appeal to the masses, with a few rare exceptions. The Body Shop’s White Musk range is a successful example as it has a cult status among TBS fans. I myself love the range so much so that their body mist just has to be in my perfumes stash at all times. 

Their White Musk Libertine range is nothing new, its been around for as long as I can remember. It is a sweet take on the original; and although sweet scents are something I strictly stay away from, I couldn’t help getting Libertine.

The first thing I ever purchased from this range was their White Musk Libertine solid perfume (KWD 3) and I have this in my handbag for those sudden uncalled for touch-ups. It is very easy to carry around, the texture of the perfume is soft, white with a silver shimmer and blends well into the skin leaving behind a fresh trail of sweet musky goodness.

When I knew that this scent wasn’t all too bad, it was time for the big plunge. And so happened the shower gel, body mist and the accompanying body lotion (KWD 12). 

The Body Shop – White Musk Libertine (solid perfume)

As with all TBS shower gels, it is strongly scented, the gel foams up quite luxuriously and stays fresh all day. Pairing it with its body lotion ensures that the scent lingers longer without fading. Coming to the fragrance mist, it greatly enhances the scent when layered on top of the body lotion but is also strong enough if applied on its own. I prefer body mists more than EDTs frankly, as they are lighter on the nose and can be layered later accordingly. This has moderate to heavy sillage and I find that it lasts all day on me, albeit not as strong as I first whiff it on. It does tend to fade a little. 

What is your favorite TBS scent? Do you like the Libertine range? 

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