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Face, Face Cream, Herbline Essentials, Kuwait, Review / Monday, August 17th, 2015
Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream 
Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream

By now, I have become a huge fan of Herbline Essentials and here’s another amazing review of the Radiant AHA cream from their Premium range. Radiant AHA cream is to be used only at night as its (obviously) a cream loaded with alpha hydroxy acids. Just some background info, AHAs exfoliate the uppermost dead skin layer that cause dullness to reveal brighter skin from within. AHAs can cause photosensitivity, so any creams containing AHAs are mostly recommended to be used at night. 

Radiant AHA cream boasts an amazing array of ingredients like castor oil, grape seed oil and wheatgerm oil, all of which help in maintaining optimal skin elasticity. Lavender, clove and calendula effectively promote cell regeneration whilst also protecting the skin from external infections. Almond and coconut oil are great natural moisturizers. There’s shea, aloe vera and jojoba oil in it along with many beneficial ingredients. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? But is it, really? Read on.

I have been using this cream along with Herbline’s White Lily & Ginger face wash for over 2 months now. It is a milky white cream, smells herbal (but pleasant!) and spreads very well into the skin. About a tiny pea sized amount is needed for the entire face and neck; I’ve only finished about half of the tub till now. I love how it just vanishes from the skin after massaging it, does not feel greasy at all yet is still moisturizing enough. The best part is, it does not form tiny white clumps. I wonder if any of you guys find any cream clumping if you blend it too much into the skin or is it just me?! 

Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream
Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream

The next morning my skin feels a bit oily around the T-zone (that’s a usual for me) and once I wash off using my Clarisonic, my skin is SO much clearer than it was the day before. The mild peeling effect is clearly visible in the way my skin is brighter, and literally breathing. I use this cream every alternate night, as I feel it might be too much if I use it daily. 

The packaging is slightly different from their original line. Since this product belongs to their Premium range, it has frosted plastic and gold packaging. The prices are also on the expensive side for this range but it is rightly so. While this may not be a miracle product, it does turn your skin from drab to fab within a week’s use. My skin has been in a very good condition lately, as I’ve also been keeping it balanced by using their Papaya & Honey Mask once weekly. 

Radiant AHA Cream retails for KWD 28 and can be purchased online at their website www.herblineessentials.com or in major co-ops in Kuwait. 

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