Herbline Essentials | White Lily & Ginger Face Wash

Face, Face Wash, Herbline Essentials, Kuwait, Review / Friday, July 3rd, 2015

When I first heard about Herbline Essentials a few months ago, I was immediately attracted to its sleek packaging and holistic approach towards skin & hair care. Always an ardent fan of Ayurveda, I feel safe to try such brands that have Ayurveda as their foundation base because, for one, they will be much milder on the skin and second, their ingredient list would be more herbal and less chemical. And I am not disappointed one bit now that I’ve tried HE.

For a month now, I have been using White Lily & Ginger Face wash by Herbline Essentials and my skin has been the best ever in terms of softness and radiance. The face wash has a pleasant floral-herbal scent which I admit is quite strong, so anyone who dislikes having fragrance in their products should skip this. I like it however, and it does fade away within 5-10 minutes after rinsing off. The product comes in a 150ml pump-dispenser bottle and the foam itself has a rich, creamy texture. Once I wash off after thoroughly massaging the foam into my skin, my skin is left refreshed and brighter. There is no painful stretchy feeling, and skin feels soft and matte. The best part: it did not break me out at all, which is my main concern whenever I try something new.

I’m actually surprised (and pleased) at the long list of ingredients in this one. So many oils in one product! I love essential oils, in particular Lavender and Tea tree as they’re really good for skin. It also has a number of great ingredients like mulberry, oats, safron etc. What’s best is it is soap free and does not contain parabens & paraffin. 

I like the simple white and pink packaging – it is no-fuss and practical for daily use. I do wish that they made smaller travel-friendly sizes as well. At the moment it only comes in 150ml bottle. This one is going to last me at least a good 3 months before I have to invest in another, so its great value for money. Available in most major co-ops and pharmacies in Kuwait, priced at KWD 8.990. 

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