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Blush, Cheeks, Face, Kuwait, NYX, Powder Blush, Review / Sunday, June 7th, 2015

NYX happens to be one of my favorite drugstore brands, my first ever purchase being their Cream blush in ‘Natural’, a gorgeous light peachy pink shade that gave a natural (obvs) glow to the cheeks. But today’s star is this sweetheart of a blush by the name ‘Espresso‘ from their powder blush range. The color is a mid-tone pink with quite visible brown tones. I’ve never had such a shade before which is why I was eager to get one. And boy, am I glad to have bought this

The texture is smooth, easy to blend and has very little fall-out. It is matte and translates exactly as is on to the skin. I love it that it isn’t too brown nor very rosy, so it can work as a blush or even as a light contour depending on your skin tone. For me, it is super flattering also because I have warm undertones. But I believe the color is such that it will work well even on paler skin tones, especially if you’ve recently got a bit of a tan. 

As with all drugstore blushes, the lasting power isn’t that fab though. It is a good blush for everyday use, like wearing it to office and outings but I wouldn’t really recommend it for any special occasion (definitely not for weddings) only because it won’t last that long. Since it is matte, a bit of a highlighter works beautifully on top of this, especially Watt’s Up by Benefit. Another con (?) perhaps, would be that is isn’t supremely pigmented but I usually like having my blushes that way because then I can build it up according to my liking. I don’t like to have intense blushes that need excess tapping-off to avoid looking like a clown. (In the picture above, that’s two swipes on the left, and one swipe blended out on the right – just to get an idea on how sheer or dark you can go with this shade!)

I am more than satisfied with the quality, quantity and textures of these blushes and would highly recommend adding a few to your collection. My personal recommendation would be ‘Peach‘ and ‘Pinched‘. Of course, Espresso as well. They’re so worth it (L’Oreal tagline?).

Available in Lifestyle stores across Kuwait for KWD 2.750

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