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Although oils were considered sticky, messy and smelly for over many years, the beauty industry is finally realizing its potential at healing all problems related to skin, hair and body. Always a fan of Aromatherapy, I’m usually making my own concoctions based on the different benefits of various essential and carrier oils, mixing and matching until I get a solution that works just right for me.

Today I am sharing my recipe for a skin oil that I use regularly to deeply hydrate and moisturize my body. I use this once or twice every week, an hour or so before bath and my skin is usually soft and supple for the whole week. If you suffer from skin that is normal to dry and excessively dehydrated (flaky, rough) and want to try something 100% natural, give this a try.

You’ll need (from any brand of your choice)**:

100ml cold-pressed Olive oil or Grapefruit oil (Buy here)
15 ml Evening Primrose carrier oil (Buy here)
10 drops Lavender essential oil (Buy here)
10 drops Tea tree essential oil (Buy here)
10 drops Chamomile German essential oil (Buy here)

Mix all of these together and shake for couple of seconds each time before you use. Olive Oil and Evening Primrose are especially suited for dry, cracked skin as they improve skin elasticity. Lavender is a great skin healer and also relaxes the body so when you are massaging yourself with the oil, it renders a calming effect. Tea tree combats any body acne and acts as an antiseptic. Chamomile is yet another oil with countless soothing properties but is especially great to soothe inflammation and heal minor burns/cuts/rashes.

I have noticed my skin getting less dry over time and much more softer. And to know I am getting these benefits in their purest form possible with no extra chemicals is seriously AH-MAZING! I am not opposed to market-bought body lotions or oils, it is just that when I can whip up a blend of oil that is equally efficient and with a lot less money, then why not? I still use my basic BBW lotions but this personal DIY oil is definitely on another level for me to get that intense moisturization. 

What are your favorite types of body products – oils, lotions or butters? Do you use DIY body lotions/oils? Are you a fan of aromatherapy? Do give this a try and let me know your experience.

** Links to my favorite brands’ are mentioned next to the oils in the recipe above.

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