Clarisonic | Deep Pore Decongesting Solutions (Mia2)

Clarisonic, Face, Face Mask, Face Wash, Facial Cleanser, Kuwait, Review / Thursday, May 14th, 2015
Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solutions

I had the fortune to win a Clarisonic from the lovely people of Clarisonic Middle East team. They were kind enough to gift me a Deep Pore Decongesting Solutions package (KWD 66.5, Sephora Kuwait). It comes with a white Mia2 device including a Deep Pore brush head, a Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and a Decongesting Clay Mask which has to be used twice weekly. 

Having acne-prone sensitive skin, a deep pore brush head would not have been my first choice, so instead I bought a sensitive brush head (suitable for all skin types) to use. Since I got it, I used it once daily for three days straight. However, due to my skin sensitivity, I noticed my skin feeling tight. Then I used it every alternate day to see if it reduced that taut feeling. And what a difference I saw in my skin! For starters, my skin feels smoother in texture and much softer. They really mean it when they say that it is much more effective than hand cleansing. 

Clarisonic Deep Pore

Clarisonic Deep Pore brush head

When using the device, it does not feel like you are putting any pressure on your skin at all. I was scared the deep pore brush would be harsh for my skin but I tried it and found it to be surprisingly gentle. I now use the deep pore brush every two weeks or so, whilst using the sensitive brush head every alternate day. 

I must emphasize that using a Clarisonic device means giving your skin an exfoliating treatment daily. Meaning you do not need to scrub your skin separately; if you do, you’d be damaging the skin’s structure. Since I have started using my Mia2, my daily scrub has taken a back seat and I have not used it even once! 

Coming to their Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, it is a minty gel-textured cleanser which foams up well and is quite effective at mattifying the skin with a squeaky clean feel. However, I feel that it dries my skin a bit too much so I use it maybe 3-4 times weekly. 

Clarisonic Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

Their Clay Mask, on the other hand, is a refreshing one. It applies smoothly and gives a tingling sensation. It dries to a powdery matte texture and once washed off, reveals brighter skin instantly. It also pushes out the odd whiteheads off my nose. I like to apply the mask first and then have a go with my Mia2 so that all the excess oil and debris that the mask has pushed out of my pores gets thoroughly cleansed.

Clarisonic Decongesting Clay Mask


My skincare routine is the best one I have had since I incorporated Mia2 into it. My acne hasn’t flared up as well (thankfully!) since my pores aren’t clogged anymore. I’ll probably do an updated skincare routine soon. I highly recommend having your own cleansing device, it saves up a lot of your money in the long run. By giving yourself a daily facial, you’d be cutting back on many of those salon trips! Do you use any cleansing device? If so, which one?

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