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India, Kuwait, Lip Lacquer, Lips, Review, Rimmel London / Monday, April 7th, 2014

It’s the beginning of another Spring and just in time for it, I’ve a super pretty pink shade to rock on! Before I begin describing Nova, I have to declare – if you haven’t tried Apocalips, you’re definitely missing out! They are fantastic – a supreme lip product which gives excellent color payoff & last a long while without drying your lips!

Nova is a beautiful fuschia pink shade with no shimmer.  Since it is a liquid lip color, it comes with a sponge applicator with a little dent in it, to suck up more product I think. And you actually really need only one swipe to coat your lips with rich color rather than dipping the wand again and again into the tube for more. And with this color; the lighter your skin tone is, the brighter it will show up. It will turn out to be a brighter bubblegum pink on fair skin but a muted pink on dusky tones.

One thing I’m not sure is whether I like or hate the smell. They smell really weird, I haven’t smelt anything like these before on a makeup product. To me they remind of fresh avocado juice. Like seriously! Sure, it isn’t ugh but then it isn’t very pleasant either. Fortunately it disappears within minutes of applying. I’ve just accepted it as it is but do wish Rimmel at least makes them smell like vanilla or something.

The lasting power is pretty amazing – upto 8 hours. By then the glossy texture isn’t there anymore but the color stays quite strong. If you have dry, flaky lips it is extremely important to exfoliate them prior to applying these because they accentuate the flaky bits. Once the color wears off, it leaves behind a strong pink tint.

There isn’t one shade of Apocalips that isn’t drool-worthy. All of them are fab and worth every dime you pay. Which is your favorite color? Would you give Nova a try?

Price: KWD 4.200
Recommendation: All the shades of Apocalips range are worth trying!
Rating: 5/5

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