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Body Wash, Kuwait, Review, Soap & Glory / Sunday, January 19th, 2014

S&G is slowly but surely growing on me, it is just recently that I was hooked to its Flake Away Body Polish and I really wanted to try a shower gel from the brand. I was tempted by the choices in front of me and was all ready to try Foam Call but then picked up Clean, Girls instead.
Clean, Girls is scented with its “Mist You Madly” fragrance (I need to get the EDT!) and I have to tell you it smells divine without being overly sweet. It is a very girly fragrance, true, but it makes you feel very good about being feminine. I didn’t know I would be liking the color pink in any way but the pink packaging that all S&G’s original line products have is quite chic and pleasing.

Clean, Girls boasts a pearly-white shower cream which lathers well and is very moisturizing. I use it along with my S&G Scrub Gloves and the combination is perfect. I get all the goodness of being squeaky clean and smelling fantastic for hours. 

One of the best things about most of the S&G products is that they linger on for hours. I know of many different brands’ shower gels that faint away within the hour or two. The bottle is a good 500ml which is going to last me a while, it has already been over a month of continuous use and I’m about to reach only half of the bottle. Granted, I do use Flake Away twice a week so two days are crossed off the week but hey, 5 days a week and only half the bottle is over, isn’t bad! 

Next on my list is Foam Call. What is your favorite S&G product? 

Price: KWD 4.750 (500ml)
Recommendation: I like the feminine Mist You Madly scent of Clean, Girls and its definitely going to be a staple in my vanity now! Highly recommended!
Rating: 4.5/5

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