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Kuwait, Lifestyle / Monday, January 6th, 2014

Its already a week into 2014 and I am officially too late to post such a blogpost, but here goes it anyway. I had a pretty great time starting off 2014 on a very pleasing note and I am hoping I’ll get to conclude it the same way. 

On 1st Jan, I went to the only “entertainment” place I could think of: Doha Entertainment City. It brought back years’ worth of memories to me. This time ’round, I tried to make the most out of my day, enjoying the rides and thus, swearing to start off the new year by growing old, but by never growing up! 

On 2nd Jan, I had a date planned with two of my dearest friends, one of whom took us for a boat ride along Gulf Road. Can you believe that in all the 15 years that I am living in Kuwait, I have never set foot on a boat or had a boat-ride or whatever? I know, such a fail. This boat ride cost a mere KWD 1, and was a total of 15 minutes’ worth, we went all the way surfing the coastline and then returned back. It was very peaceful and serene. I just LOVE the sea. I’ve convinced myself to go for this at least once a month for sure. 

After the amazing ride, off we headed to The Avenues where we had some delicious Italian food at Olive Garden (Grand Avenues) and then off for a little shopping. I bought myself a LUSH cleanser (Herbalism, review soon!) and a wallet from Iconic (such a beauty, bargain-buy!).

When it comes to resolutions, I have a few in mind and am seriously hoping they do come true (or partly true) by the time 2015 arrives.

  1. The first is to get a job; Yes, I desperately need to be out and about more often. I am really disliking the heights to which I have become lazy and I definitely need some power-up.  
  2. I also hope to be more active here, at Fayhalicious, which is my baby after all and I want to forever nurture it. Writing/Blogging helps me bring out what I have always loved – being able to pen down (or in this case – type down) what I feel about my most passionate of passions: Beauty & Cosmetics. 
  3. I want to learn something new, something that is out of my comfort zone. A skill that is handy and worth spending your time on. You know that feeling after you’ve learned something that took a lot of time & patience but you finally do it and that indescribable happy feeling? Yeah, that one! I crave that. I already have a couple of things in mind on what I wanna learn.

That’s all I have been thinking about this whole week. I also spent more time writing posts for the blog. I’m deciding I’ll post thrice a week with weekends off, yippie. That’s a good decision, let’s hope I even get around to writing those three posts per week! I need to scratch the word ‘Procrastination’ outta my life. I’m signing off now to do some inspirational reading, yay!

How did you spend your New Year’s? What are your New Year resolutions? Share some with me!

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