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Kuwait, Makeup Brush, Real Techniques, Review / Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Ever since Real Techniques hit the Middle Eastern shores (Kuwait, specifically!), I have been meaning to grow my collection. I got the Angled Foundation brush because that’s what is the first step for any makeup anyway. Next, comes the Starter Kit for Eyes. Let’s review it.

I have small eyes, with a mobile lid, basically whatever I put on my lid is hardly visible unless I close my eyes. And to make eyes seem bigger, I may have tried everything there could be done. Now with these brushes, it has been easier to deal with the makeup I put on my eyes because before I used to just use my ring finger to blend eye shadows. 

Starting with the Base Shadow brush, it is a dense brush but slightly flat and to be used for all over lid color. In case you have small eyes like me, this works fantastic for the crease to blend eye shadows as you have very little space to work the crease on and don’t need a thicker brush. Deluxe Crease brush is the dense-est of this lot and is essentially (as mentioned) for the crease. I use this for applying my base eye shadows as this gives me better coverage. So technically I have switched the uses for both these brushes since I have small eyes and it works wonders, try it!

Next up is the Accent brush which is perfect for smudging or for precise detailing. I also use it for targeted spot-concealing, it works great! Pixel-Point Eyeliner brush is great for applying cream or gel eyeliner. It is also good for using wet or cream eye shadows. I expected a finer tip of this brush but it is very dense. You can get a moderate to thick line from this but it is slightly difficult to get a fine line; that needs a lot of work. Somehow I have managed to make it work for me. It has been recently replaced by the Fine Liner brush which used to retail as a separate brush before. That’s fantastic but I guess Pixel-Point is a good brush to have as well. 

Finally the last of this lot is the Brow brush; it is a precisely cut angled brush with very dense bristles. I use it to create the “outer V” on my eye and to fill in my brows. I find it to be a decent brush.

One of the best things about these brushes is they are super affordable. Their bristles are lush. Now, if I’ll be honest, I have never invested in makeup brushes at all, EVER. These are my very first makeup brushes since it is too hard to ignore the hype created around these all over the blogging world. And honestly speaking, I wouldn’t want to ever try any other brushes after this if it was about needs. These do their job perfectly, much better than what my fingers did anyway and I am happy with the results I get. More than happy, in fact. Plus, they will last years! 

No shedding experienced till now, I have had these for over two months now and not a single bristle is out. I once had an Arden brush (came with a gift set, I hadn’t bought it) which shed a lot, there were black bristles all over my face and neck. Also, these are much softer to the touch. Just love these so much, I’m an RT convert! 

Price: KWD 10.000 (5 Brush Set, Boots stores)
Recommendation: Best set you will ever invest on, affordable and high quality!
Rating: 5/5

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