Happie Birthday Nath

Kuwait, Lifestyle / Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Psychology claims that the Best Relationships are the ones you didn’t expect to be in!

I can so relate to this for today happens to be the birthday of my very dear friend and sister, Kainat (fondly called Nath), who I never expected to even know, let alone be friends with. She wanted a super cute post dedicated for herself and I have no idea where! Whether she meant it on her Facebook Timeline or on my blog here or wherever I didn’t actually clarify it with her but I decided I should write a pretty lil post here mentioning what presents I got her so it co-relates with my blog theme about beauty and also satisfies her “Write-a-post-for-me” demand.
She is a soon-to-be bride btw and one that has absolutely no idea what is the proper  emphasized meaning of “beauty”. Therefore nowadays, I am giving her the 101 Basics on all things related to beauty so she knows how to look all dolled up for my Jeeja-ji (bro-in-law).

I have written a rough draft of a list on what all she should buy for herself to fill up her ‘wedding vanity box’ and even then, I notice that’s yielding no results. Till now. And her wedding is in a few months (Feb 2014). Are you reading this, Nath? Yes, please gear up

Anyhoo, back to the post, it is the Bride’s Birthday after all, so I thought I might throw in some pieces on my own in her vanity box since she isn’t making any effort. So yesterday, when I was out doing my usual shopping with another lovely friend of mine, I picked these random things for her. Here they are: 

Boots Natural Collection Ice Musk Body Spray: This smells divine for anyone who has a thing for musks. It is very light and perfect for office-goers who don’t want to smell like they’ve just gotten out of a tub fulla’ perfume. Subtle and elegant. My sister in law recently bought it for herself and ever since then, I was desperate to get one for myself. Which I did and also picked up one for Nath. Hope she likes. (Even if you don’t, you HAVE to say you do!).

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: She’s been forever complaining of getting a good lip balm for herself and still hasn’t. I thought I might as well give her a cult favorite – The Baby Lips. There is no need to say how yummy these are, plus the cute packaging is a heart-stealer. Cherry Me gives a pretty pink sheen to the lips and keeps them super soft. This one would be a hit with her for sure, right Babyyyy?

The Body Shop Love Etc body wash mini: Love Etc is a one of my favorite TBS scents and it makes you smell fresh and flowery all day long. I think this “mini” will induce her to purchase the “maxi” version of it so as to mollify Hubby-ji by waltzing all around the home smelling all coochie-coo. 

Yay, so that’s all I got for her. I really hope she likes it, and moreover, she uses them!!!

Finally a direct shoutout to my Birthday Baby, a very Happie Birthday to you my Lovely Boo and may you have many, many more with you and me side by side (wherever will the Hubby-ji of yours go? Hah, who cares as long as we are together, right?). I wish I could do a lot more for you, but for now, isi mein khush reh (stay happie with this!).

Hugs & Muahs,

2 Replies to “Happie Birthday Nath”

  1. Thank you, thank you, Thank yooouuuu soooooooooo much! 😀 *hugs* I really did not expect you to put up a post for me here and I least expected it right on time(00:00) AND with the gifts, specially after you giving me the other gifts in advance as well!! I very well know this is all a trick to make me fall into the MAYPUK trap, which i already have btw and i am loving it. 😀

    I could write another post on the above post but to keep it short and sweet, thanks a tonn Faiyyu, I shall definitely use it all and yes the birthdays to come, we shall of course be together Inshallah (one side you, another side your Jeeja-jee 😛 ).
    P.S: You are NOT calling me Nath again!!!

  2. You are always, always, always welcome! I'm so glad to have finally roped in one non-maypuk person into my amazing maypuk-y side, yayayaya! I'll make you into a pro within a short time now that you're showing interest in all this! 😀
    Lots of Love! 🙂

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