Sephora Precious Gold Luminizer

Highlighter, Review, Sephora Collection / Saturday, October 5th, 2013
Sephora Collection: Precious Gold Luminizer

I never thought there would come a day when I’ll be writing a positive review for a glitter/shimmer highlighter! Glitter isn’t something I can incorporate in my daily makeup life. It’s very rare that I would do some makeup look with a full-on blast of glitter or shimmer everywhere. 
Precious Gold Luminizer is formulated without parabens, as are most products by Sephora Collection. It has finely milled golden glitter in a clear base which consists of 70% water. It isn’t gooey or sticky AT ALL.  What I was expecting was stickiness and a gross ‘Eww‘ out of me but that didn’t come. It is super smooth to touch and dries out very quickly leaving behind a cool tingle.

Moreover, when you spread it, it applies evenly instead of some part catching too much glitter and some remaining bare. The glitter in it is so fine; it does not feel gritty or grainy at all. And so little is needed for every application. One tiny dot has, I dunno, maybe a million of tiny shimmery particles. This is full-on blast of glitter, make sure to use very little. If you end up squeezing a lot of product, you will really regret it unless you actually want that much glitter.

(Right) I took a small pea sized amount and it yielded so much of glitter when spread.

I use it to add a little sparkle to my eyes. One tiniest dot is enough for each eye for a subtle hint of gold shimmer (I apply it after eye primer and before applying eyeshadow). In the above picture, the left dot and swatch is how much I use for my eye makeup.

It is to be used for face and body, especially for arms, decolletage and over eye shadows and blush; practically anywhere where you want a sparkle. So far I have only used it over eye shadows and sometimes a very, very teeny bit on my cheeks. If you’re not a regular shimmer-lover like me, you can still find it to be a lovely little thing to have, especially since this will last a long, long, long time. 

Sephora’s Precious Gold Luminizer was not bought by me, instead I won it in a Facebook Competition held during Ramadan 2013. It isn’t something I would have bought with my own choice! But I daresay, I am so glad to have won it (yay!). It has brought a whole new meaning to “glitter-not-tacky-anymore” but as I said, use it with a very light hand!


Price: ? (I don’t know how much it costs locally as I won it, but its for $10 {and usually on discount} on Sephora’s website).
Recommendation: Whether or not you love shimmer, if you want something golden and shimmery for a keep, this is great. I love it for its non-sticky gel texture.
Rating: 3.8/5

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