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Lips, Lipstick, M.A.C, Review / Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

It is always a colorful memory when it is the first time; any first times – cooking, dancing, playing your first match, your baby talking or walking for the first time and so on. And then there are also little things that us folks would consider *big*. 

The reason why I am starting a lipstick post with “first times”, memories and blah blah is because recently I finally bought my first MAC lipstick. Yeah, no big deal, right? Some of you reading this post might be having loads of them already. But for me, it is. And before I start off with its review, there’s a little story about it. Want to know? Read along. Want to skip? Skip whatever I have italicized after this paragraph! 
I was actually lusting after Lustering from MAC’s Lustre range. But when I went to the store and was checking it out, the color in the tube freaked me out. It was dead-on pink and I am not a pink girl. I knew beforehand Lustering was a pink lipstick but the color/swatches I’d seen online were light pink, sheerer. I know Lustre range has slightly sheerer lipsticks and that the pink color would eventually not be as pinky on my lips as it was in the tube. But still I was not daring enough to buy it. I obviously didn’t want to disappoint myself and go back home without a MAC; after all it had taken a lot of courage on my part to walk in that store finally, LOL. 

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick – Shanghai Spice

So once I decided Lustering wasn’t going to be my first lippie by MAC, I swatched some normal looking testers on the back of my hand. I landed onto Cosmo eventually, knowing it is a muted peach-brown color. I don’t know what made me do this, but I’d already swatched Shanghai Spice before Cosmo and I’d liked it. But I’d moved on, trying to find a better choice. And instead of finally purchasing Cosmo as I’d intended, I ended up saying to the SA that I wanted Shanghai Spice. Till now I have no idea what made me say that, but fortunately, I do love nude lipsticks and I’m loving my SS just so so so much. I suppose I wouldn’t have been that pleased with Cosmo as much as I’m with my Spicey, LOL.

So finally, here’s a pretty quick review of Shanghai Spice. Shanghai Spice is from MAC’s Cremesheen range, which means its creme finish as well as having fine, barely there shimmer in it that just gives a little sheen to your lips. 

Shanghai Spice is a nude pink color with hints of shimmer. It also has a brown undertone. The shimmer isn’t obvious at all, but does add a little bit of sparkle to lips when applied. MAC describes it as a “frosted neutral pink”. Frosted? No way. Yes it has shimmer but its hardly visible after application, definitely not as much as what a frost-finish lipstick would be!

MAC Shanghai Spice – Looks much more shimmery than it really is. The shimmer is pretty muted.

It gives sheer coverage but it can be built up to medium. It has the uncanny ability to emphasize dry, flaky lips and fine lines. So it is a MUST that you exfoliate well and prep lips with balm. As for lasting power, this lasted me a good 3 hours before making my lips too dry and leaving behind no tint at all. Somehow I felt that the lippie wasn’t as moisturizing as it should be. There is a little vanilla scent to it as is exclusive to all MAC lipsticks. 

For me, this is honestly the most perfect nude color, I am officially making it my HG nude lipstick. And its a neutral, it will suit both warm and cool tones. Since I am a newbie to MAC, if you can recommend some neutral pinks, peaches, corals and browns to me, do share. 


Price: KWD 8.250* , INR 990
Recommendation: Best pink-brown nude color!
Rating: 4.5/5

*way overpriced in Kuwait. INR 990 is more or less around KWD 5.000 !!

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